Dental Bone Grafts: Materials, Cost and Procedure

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There are some reasons why bone grafting would be required by a dental patient. For example, when bone is absorbed into the body it is usually the result of a lack of regular dental stimulation. When this happens, bone grafting is often the most viable solution. A lack of stimulation of supporting bridge bone is typically the result of missing teeth. In short, the jawbone must be stimulated so that it remains healthy over the long term. When teeth are missing and not replaced, the bone will eventually become absorbed by the body.

Regenerative Dental Surgery

Dental implants are frequently used as a way to replace missing teeth and provide better oral functionality for patients. Implants typically fuse with a bone to ensure a firm and secure platform for a final restoration that is placed on the dental implant. That said there must be sufficient bone to hold implants firmly in place. A bone graft or what is sometimes referred to as regenerative surgery may be used as a way to reinforce the jawbone before dental implant surgery.

Autogenous Bone Graft

The cost of bone grafts in 2017 can vary depending on the complexity of the case and some other factors. However, that said in most situations a basic graft using cadaver-derived sterilized bone or bone material derived from cows as well as even synthetic bone can range anywhere from $200-$1200 for a single implant.  A bone graft that makes use of the patient’s own bone that is sourced from the lower jaw, back or chin as well as the hip or other parts of the body can range in cost anywhere from $2000-$3000 or more, again depending on the complexity of the patient’s own unique case.

The Cost Of The Bone Graft

It should be noted that when bone is sourced from the patient’s body that the patient will usually require hospitalization as well as the services of an orthopedic surgeon and anesthesiologist. All of these services can have a direct impact on the overall cost of bone grafting in 2017. In most instances, when a patient is quoted a price for a dental implant the cost of the bone graft will be included. It should be noted that most dental insurance does not cover the cost of implants. However, there are instances where the cost of the bone graft will be considered medically necessary and will be covered by insurance.

Dentures or Bridges

This is particularly the case of bone loss that was the result of injury, an accident or a non-dental medical condition. A particular type of bone grafting procedure or dental implant procedure will also often be covered by insurance if the patient’s ability to function normally is compromised. Especially if other options such as dentures or bridges are not a viable solution. These are just a few examples of where dental health insurance or general health insurance may indeed cover the cost of bone grafting.

What Is Involved With A typical Bone Grafting Procedure?

The first step in a simple bone graft procedure involves the oral surgeon or dental care provider numbing the area with local anesthesia. Next, the surgeon will separate the gums from the teeth as a way to access the roots and bone. The area is thoroughly cleaned followed by the surgeon filling the hole in the bone with the sourced grafting material. Finally, the graft is covered so that it may be allowed to heal and grow.

The Condition Of The Jawbone

Most patients can expect the healing time following bone graft surgery to be about 3 to 6 months. Before actual dental implant, surgery healing must be complete. In other more complex cases, the healing process following bone graft surgery can be up to a year or longer depending on the condition of the jawbone. It should also be noted that there could be additional costs involved with standard bone grafting surgery.

Dental Implant-Related Surgery

For example, a panoramic x-ray or a full mouth x-ray can easily range in cost from $75 up to $250 or more. This type of x-ray imaging is required in many cases before the grafting procedure taking place. In other situations, a patient may even require a CT scan. CT scans can cost anywhere from $250 to more than $1000. This will obviously have a direct impact on the overall cost of bone grafting and dental implant related surgery. Take the time to talk with your dental care provider or oral surgeon as a way to determine the specific costs involved with your actual treatment or procedure.

The Most Cost Effective And Successful Outcome

The cost of bone grafts in 2017 for dental implant related surgery varies as has been discussed above. That is why it is so important to take the time to have a comprehensive initial consultation with your dental care provider to ensure the most cost-effective and successful outcome of dental implant surgery. Dental implants are an excellent way of restoring teeth and creating a natural smile without the need for dentures or bridgework. With so much to offer it is clear to see why bone grafting and dental implant surgery have become so popular in recent days.