What Is The Worst Drink For Your Teeth?

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In today’s world of mass-produced food, artificial sweeteners, and artificial ingredients it is more important than ever before to exercise caution when it comes to choosing what to drink. That said there are clearly some types of drinks that are worse for your teeth than others. Let’s take a look at these and explore some of the ways that you can actively participate in maintaining better oral health at all times. Most dentists would agree that a little bit of preventative care can go a long way in extending the health and an overall longevity of your natural teeth. While many people have a favorite beverage that they love, it may be time to change strategies and go for drinks that are healthier, nutritious and more teeth friendly.

Sugar Causes Tooth Decay

One of the first types of drinks that should be avoided as much as possible is the many widely marketed soda drinks. Not only are these drinks loaded with calories and sugar but they also are known for their uncanny ability to accelerate tooth decay. Because tooth decay needs sugar and acid to thrive, it is best not to drink soda whenever possible. Conversely, those who absolutely must drink soda should follow drinking their favorite soda with some fresh, clean water or simply a brush and floss. Particularly of concern are several of the commonly available orange flavored sodas. They contain a very large amount of sugar per serving as measured in grams. Pepsi-Colas are another type of soda that can be particularly harmful to teeth.

Caffeine Is A Stimulant

Equally of concern are today’s trendy sports or energy drinks. These drinks are perhaps some of the most health-damaging types of beverages that can be purchased. Loaded with sugar and acid as well as extremely high levels of caffeine, energy drinks are damaging to teeth and counterproductive to long-term health and vibrancy. Stacked with hundreds of calories and many grams of sugar and not a single shred of nutrition, energy drinks only serve to degrade health. Those who insist on drinking this type of beverage should at least try to find the ones that have fewer calories and lower sugar. It is also important to remember that caffeine is a stimulant and is, in fact, a kind of drug. One of the best ways to stay healthy and keep your teeth looking beautiful is to always avoid today’s aggressively marketed energy drinks.

Vitamin C Has A Low PH

Also, surprisingly orange juice can also actually be hard on teeth. While orange juice is better than energy drinks regarding providing some level of nutrition including vitamin C, it is a drink that is still abrasive to teeth. Because it is high in sugar and acid, orange juice, as well as even apple juice and grapefruit juice, degrades dental health. This is another case where those who drink orange juice regularly should follow with a glass of fresh water and brush as often as possible. Coffee and tea can be equally as damaging to teeth and therefore should also be avoided if possible.

Stain Teeth Over Time

While coffee is widely accepted throughout society and enjoyed by millions of people each day, the natural caramel color of coffee can easily turn teeth yellow over time. It also ends up revealing the dentin that resides underneath the enamel causing a dull and less than a spectacular smile. Most people add sugar to their coffee further complicating the negative dental health effects of this popular drink. Tea, while it may be healthier than a coffee can serve to stain teeth over time. This is especially true when talking about black tea and other types of similar dark teas.

Alcoholic Beverages

Another major concern when it comes to protecting dental health is the negative effects of alcohol on human teeth. Regardless of whether you like to drink a glass of wine each night or prefer an occasional beer or harder alcohol or liquor, the adverse effects to oral health can be quite considerable. In fact, alcoholic beverages serve to wear down tooth enamel rather quickly. It is also worth noting that alcohol contains a substantial amount of sugar – a substance proven to promote periodontal disease. Burgundy wines are also notorious for leaving heavy stains on teeth.

Excellent Dental Health

Keeping all these simple facts in mind, it is good to know that there are some drinks that are good for your teeth. For example, the best drink of all for maintaining excellent dental health is simply water. Fresh, clean water is healthy, hydrating and serves to keep teeth clean throughout the day. Water is even useful in washing away residue on gums and teeth.

Real Fruit Juices

Surprisingly, there are even certain types of sodas that are healthier than other types. For example, root beer is more of a natural type of soda that is low in sugar and low in acidity. This makes it far better than other types of sodas for those who insist on drinking this kind of beverage. Finally, real fruit juices that have no added sugar are far healthier than those that do contain sugar. Contact your dental care provider if you have questions about what to eat and drink when trying to maintain the best in dental health.

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