28Mar, 2017

Dental Bone Grafts: Materials, Cost and Procedure

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There are some reasons why bone grafting would be required by a dental patient. For example, when bone is absorbed into the body it is usually the result of a lack of regular dental stimulation. When this happens, bone grafting is often the most viable solution. A lack of stimulation of supporting bridge bone is typically the result of missing teeth. In short, the jawbone must be stimulated so that it remains healthy over the long term. When teeth are missing and not replaced, the bone will eventually become absorbed […]

26Mar, 2017

Gummy Smile Surgery

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One concern sometimes experienced by dental patients is something known as overexposed gums. To have a truly attractive smile, it is important to have healthy and beautiful teeth and gums combined. As such, proper gum exposure is essential to the overall appearance. Fortunately, there is a relatively simple procedure that is used to correct what is at times called a gummy smile. This procedure has helped tens of thousands of people across the country and over the years to enjoy a more confident and more attractive smile. It really can […]

16Mar, 2017

Why Do I Need To Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

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This is a frequently asked question that deserves a real answer based only on solid facts. Many dentists suggest having wisdom teeth removed even if they are not causing a problem. Wisdom teeth or what are often referred to as the third molars situated towards the very back of the mouth only may not need removal if they are healthy and have erupted or grown in completely in a normal way. When the wisdom teeth are positioned correctly, and the patient enjoys a healthy bite with opposing teeth, wisdom teeth […]

13Mar, 2017

Why Do I Need Bone Graft Before Dental Implants?

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The main purpose of using bone grafting is to reduce bone resorption and helps to prevent jawbone atrophy. Simply stated, when teeth become lost due to injury, illness or disease and those teeth are not replaced, bone resorption and bone atrophy in the jawbone can occur. As a result, the quantity of bone and the quality of the bone that remains is usually not suitable for the placement of dental implants. Further, ultimately the remaining teeth may shift over the long-term eventually changing the facial structure. Patients experiencing these types […]

7Mar, 2017

Cost Of Dental Implants In Houston

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What are Dental Implants? Dental implants are unique and are an important part of modern dentistry in that they function exactly like artificial tooth roots necessary to anchor a replacement tooth or multiple teeth. In most cases, a small type of titanium post is surgically placed directly into the patient’s jawbone. Once this has been completed, the healing process begins as the titanium post bonds directly with the jawbone. Something known as a metal abutment is securely connected to the implant and then finally a crown, denture or bridge is […]